398 million yen, Kyu-Karuizawa Club, Heavenly Villa Resort, Large villa of superb view overlooking Karuizawa
Japan Resort Club Co., Ltd.

398 million yen, Kyu-Karuizawa Club, Heavenly Villa Resort, Large villa of superb view overlooking Karuizawa

3,503,938 USD

3,007,769 EUR

4,673,163 AUD

27,237,543 HKD

You can see the amazing view from anywhere in the room

Situated at a relatively high elevation in Karuizawa, this villa offers panoramic views overlooking Karuizawa from any room. Sometimes there are fantastic landscapes surrounded by the sea of ​​clouds, and sometimes the crystal clear landscapes of the mountains that can be seen far away, and you can enjoy wonderful views that differ from season to season.

From the time you enter the living room, this wonderful view reminiscent the Takeda Castle Ruins often called "Castle in The Sky", which opens in front of you, welcomes visitors in various aspects such as fresh seasons, colored leaves, and clear winter seasons.

Not to mention that the surrounding environment of this villa is excellent, the villa itself also has luxurious facilities. The living room is equipped with a motorized curtain and screen, and a single switch turns it into a mini theater. The large bath is an artificial hot spring, and when the window is fully opened it changes into an open, pleasant bath like an open-air bath.

House designed to accommodate a large party

The kitchen and dining space is large enough to accommodate a large parties. On sunny days, you can enjoy barbeque on the large terrace with great views.

In addition, this villa has a separate guest space, so you and guests can spend their private time without worrying.


Spend in villa place of the historic Kyu-Karuizawa Club

In the "Kyu-Karuizawa Club villa ground", maintenance inspection in the villa ground, maintenance of aesthetics, patrol patrol are conducted, and in order to have you spend comfortably throughout the four seasons, cleaning of fallen leaves and removal of fallen trees to the on-site gateway and sub road, We thoroughly work on snow removal.


Property Information

Address Oaza-karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano
Nearest station About 6km from JR Hokuriku-Shinkansen Karuizawa Station
High Speed IC About 17km from Joshin-etsu Expressway Karuizawa IC
House details
Total floor area 392.33 square metres
Floor Plan
  • A WING 142.43 square metres : Living room, Kitchen, Dining, Bathroom, Terrace 
  • B WING  83.91 square metres : Master bedoroom with Den, Zen, Terrace, Walk-inCloset. Bathroom, Terrace.
  • C WING  123.69 square metres : 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom.
  • Corridor, stairs 43.78 metres
Status An empty House
Building structure Wooden 2-storey building
Year built July, 2009
Site details
Site Area 6940 square metres
Use Districts Category 1 exclusive low building residential zone
Building coverage ratio 20%
Floor-area ratio 20%
Land category Residential
Terrain Slope
Water and gas electricity
Water  Private water supply
Gas Individual Propane
Electric Chubu Electric Power Co.
Sewage drainage Sewer services
Road Length connected with the public road on the southeast side is about 99 m with a width of about 5.5 m.
Type of transaction Mediated
Legal restrictions and other remarks Nagano Prefectural Landscape Ordinance
Karuizawa-machi Nature conservation measures outline※ Kyu-Karuizawa Club villa land management fee (annual sum): 686, 748 yen
※ On the northwest side of the site, there is an aisle with a width of 6 m.
※ Enforcement company Niitsugumi Corporation
※ 2017 property tax, city planning tax: 1,002,334 yen
※ There is floor heating equipment

"Kyu-Karuizawa Club villa ground" Management Office

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