1,150 million yen, Karuizawa, 360 ° panoramic viewing site with a area of about 31000 square meters.
Japan Resort Club Co., Ltd.

1,150 million yen, Karuizawa, 360 ° panoramic viewing site with a area of about 31000 square meters.

10,082,966 USD

8,882,377 EUR

13,891,353 AUD

78,509,777 HKD

You can see full of sky full of stars and the night view of Karuizawa town which spreads under the eyes in the natural forest where hardwood grows naturally

From the vast site of about 31,000 square meters located near the Shinkansen Karuizawa Station and Shinano Railway Naka-Karuizawa Station, you can see the Mount Asama and you can see the Yatsugatake area if you cut trees. Since the exclusive road which already accesses to the top has already been completed, you can build a house with the best scenery at once. If you like an atmosphere surrounded by nature and don't like the remote area, this is a recommended property. There are many restaurants and cafés around Hanare-yama Street, located on the south side of the site, and convenience stores are also close, so it is a land with good living convenience. If you are a person who dreams of making your own kingdom in a villa area, this land is the best, so please come and visit us.


Address 3878 Toda, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka
Nearest station JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Karuizawa Station From the station About 2.3km
High Speed IC Joshin-etsu Expressway Usui Karuizawa IC From IC About 11km


Site Area 31,686.39 ㎡ application area Category 1 low-rise residential area / Category 1 residential area
Building coverage ratio 20% / 60% F controls 40% / 200%
Land category Woodland / Residential Land Terrain Sloping Area

Water and gas electricity

Water Public water Electric Tepco
Gas Individual Propane Sewage drainage Individual Septic tank
Parking lot 8 units    


Type of transaction Mediated Road South side public road 15 m · North side road (public road & driveway) Approximately 4 m
Administrative expenses   Driveway burden  
Legal restrictions and other remarks Karuizawa Town Nature Protection Measure Outline, Nagano Prefecture Landscape Ordinance, Karuizawa Town Landscape Development Standards Guidelines Compliance, Type 1 scenic area

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