32 million yen Izu, Atami A stylish, cracked stone-pasted house featuring curved outer walls overlooking Taga Bay
Japan Resort Club Co., Ltd.

32 million yen Izu, Atami A stylish, cracked stone-pasted house featuring curved outer walls overlooking Taga Bay

241,463 USD

223,670 EUR

361,235 AUD

1,894,696 HKD

View of Sagami Bay overlooking Hatsushima, Atami Port

Located 15-minutes walk from JR Ito Line Izutaga Station. This home's signature rounded facade curves attract eyes of people walking through the street.


The irregular Shaped stone matches the curved outer wall well, creating a bright atmosphere illuminated by the sun of Izu.

Room design is a stylish with curved wall. Furniture purchased according to the design of the house is in good harmony with the room.


you can overlook Taga Bay from the room on the second floor, and there is a lush mountain across the road, and it is a wonderful location of natural environment surrounded by the sea and mountains. It is within a walking distance of the sea, such as Nagahama Beach, to the south about 1 km, so it is also recommended as a base for various activities such as fishing and swimming.

Atami of sightseeing spot and villa area representing Izu

In the old days, Atami was popular as a hot spring resort in Japan , but it decleased popularity due to stagnation of the Japanese economy, diversification of play, popularity of overseas travel, etc. Before long, it became famous as desolated hot spring resort.

Atami City, which felt crisis, worked to develop attractive tourist cities by improving customer service, improving the city's environment, holding fireworks, etc. As a result, it finally slipped out a long tunnel and Atami city is back as a popular tourist destination again and tourists are increasing every year.


Spring quality and effect, of hot spring of Atami

The hot spring of Atami, has more than 500 hot spring sources and the total amount of spring water is about 18,000 liters per minute, boast an abundance of the amount of hot spring water. The majority was the sulfate hot spring until the early Showa era, but it is said that the distribution of the chloride hot spring had spreaded due to the seawater entering into a wide area for reasons such as excess pumping.


Therefore,  hot spring of Atami is colorless, transparent, weakly salty and slightly bitter, Chloride and Sulfate hot spring, containing sulfate, sodium and calcium, is the most, it is said that it works for neuralgia, muscle ache, arthralgia, fifty shoulders, etc. There used to be many communal baths in Atami, but it has changed with the times, and now only five communal baths. It is a high quality hot spring everywhere, so why not try it once?


The Atami Kogoshi Festival is a must see

Every July, the Atami's largest festival, the Kogashi Festival, is held as an annual festival of the Kinomiya Shrine, and more than 30 floats, made by each neighborhood association in Atami City, parade along Route 135.


The sound of the festival music played on bells, drums and flutes sings out from the floats is may somewhat loud, but the loud volume is also boosting and exuding the festival mood.


On the day, large-scale traffic regulations will be established in Atami. Please make sure to check the parking lot and traffic regulations in advance.


In spring, the station square in Izutaga will be in full bloom with cherry blossoms.

In front of Izu Taga Station, as many as 50 Somei Yoshino are planted, and in spring it will be in full bloom with cherry blossoms. The Taga Sakura Festival will be held from the end of March to the beginning of April. In the meantime, the cherry blossoms in the station are lighted up and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at night.


Atami cherry blossom trees are planted on the cherry blossom trails, called four seasons trails, that connect Taga Station and Atami High School, and will be in full bloom from late January to the middle of February. If you go to the viewing plaza, you will have a wonderful view of Atami Sakura and the magnificent view of Taga Bay.


The Izu Taga Onsen Wakame Festival is held at the harvest season of Wakame from February to March, and you can purchase fresh raw Wakame cultured in Taga Bay at a low price. Wakame is a type of seaweed and is a popular food used in soups and simmered foods in Japan. At the venue, Wakame miso soup will be served free of charge, and there will also be a direct sales office opened by local farmers. Why don't you enjoy Izu where you can taste the seafood and the mountain at the same time?


Akao Herb & Rose Garden

Akao Herb & Rose Garden, located in the north of Kamitaga, is also famous. It is a vast botanical garden with a view of the sea taking advantage of the natural topography. Roses from all over the world are planted in the park, and 100,000 tulips bloom in April, and 600 varieties and 4,000 roses bloom in the park from May to June.

Inside the garden is a cafe with a beautiful view of the sky and the sea, designed by the world-renowned architect, Kengo Kuma. How about a leisurely cafe and sweets while looking at flowers, the sea and the sky.

Property Information

Address Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Nearest station About 1.2 km from JR Ito Line Izukamitaga Station
High Speed IC  
House details
Total floor area 123.33 square meters
Floor Plan 3 bedrooms
Status An empty House
Building structure Reinforced concrete flat roof 3 stories
Year built August 1994
Site details
Site Area 92.56 square meters
Use Districts -
Building coverage ratio 60%
Floor-area ratio 200%
Land category Residential area
Terrain Flat
Water and gas electricity
Water  Public water supply
Gas Individual Propane
Electric Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Sewage drainage Individual Septic tank
Road -
Type of transaction Mediated
Legal restrictions and other remarks -

MAP: Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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